Statistics Gathered

The hand simulator accumulates statistics on each player while running thousands of hands for each scenario. Values for wins, losses, and ties or each ranking are a percentage of the total rounds accumulated. Value of equity recognizes that ties and wins both are rewarded. Deviation is a measure of the statistical variance observed while accumulating the results.

In the adjacent image, note that values displayed in the Royal ranking. When the total is equal to zero, a single dot is displayed. When greater than zero the total percentage is rounded to 0.0% for AKo and 0.1% for QJs. Therefore, both hands resulted in at least one Royal Flush during the simulation. And of course, these Royals were never tied or lost. Please realize, that even though both hands CAN result in a Royal does NOT mean that they WILL during every simulation scenario. The more rounds run, the more likely the Royal will actually occur.

Note also, that QJs had absolutely zero wins, as shown by the single dot, in the High Card category. This makes perfect sense as AKo will always win on all rounds where High Card is the winner.


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