Hand Simulator

The PokerOddsR hand simulator shuffles the deck, deals the cards, and determines the winners and losers for each round. Thousands of rounds are dealt while accumulating the total number of wins, losses, and ties for each player. The results reflect the total number of rounds and the player’s accumulated statistics.

In general, more rounds are more accurate in the results. However, the difference in a hundred thousand rounds and a million rounds might be insignificant when applied to real-life poker. After all, would your game play change if simulated odds were 81.5% instead of 81.6%?

Still, it is important to evaluate an adequate sampling of rounds with the hand simulator. In practice, you will see the top winner switch between players as a hand’s scenario is played out on the simulator. This occurs frequently in situations where player hands are closely rated.

PokerOddsR allows you to adjust the maximum number of rounds to evaluate via app settings. You can choose a value between 10,000 and 1,000,000. Of course, fewer rounds produce final results faster. I typically select 500,000 rounds for Hold’em and smaller values for Omaha or Big O’. The simulator can deal and evaluate thousands of hands for several players in seconds.


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